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LOVESONG...Its your choice

If you love God, you can decide to give your certificate for Him but have you first love your neighbor?
If you love God you can decide to give your lifesavings for Him
If you love God, you will make Him your choice anytime anyday with the company you keep, the music you listen to and the choices you make
If you love God, you can give up that secret sin for Him. Say boldly to the spirit behind that sin and say`Loose your grip over my life in Jesus Name!

If you love God,you can want to travel the world for Him.
If you love God, you can decide to go the extramile for Him, you can give Him that prized possession
If you truly love God, you can give up that last meal or first/last paycheck for Him
If you love God, you will pay your tithe
If you love God you can give up that `seemingly juicy career for Him
An intense love for God will make you let go of that relationship with an unbeliever because His word says so...
N.B. If you have gone through a divorce or are seperated from you husband or wife FOR ANY REASON go to God in prayers for reconcilliation and be humble and give up your `seeming strong will` and allow God restore your relationship...

You can make adjudstments where necessary if you can. God said and I quote` If you Love me, keep my commandments`. It is indeed difficult for men to love God as we see there was even a Judas among Christ disciples.Women have the tendency to love more little wonder God commanded the married men to LOVE YOUR WIFE!If you don`t love her, she cannot be able to willingly submit to you #Fact because submission answers to Love.
Don`t shy away from your responsibility.I have attended series of weddings just this year and I still have more on my list to attend and I was told by one of my readers to share the little I can for men.

Tips on how to Love your wife
1. Be caring and concerned about her well beign
2.Pray and study the word of God together
3.Let your wife be your confidant and best friend
4.Buy her gifts and do it joyfully
5.Don`t set her up
6.Protect her and do not talk ill of her to anyone, not even your pastor
7.Do away with all other female admirers and friends


I really appreciate all who helped me in my valley of the shadow of death experience last year.Healing is indeed the children`s bread and I`m His daughter. I can boldly say I am healed. Glory to God alone. May the Lord grant all homeless and newly wedded happy homes.

The blogger resides temporarily in Gboko, Benue State Nigeria and can be contacted through this email

And he came back home

Search your files and play a good gospel song like Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey and read along 
A man had two sons and one decided to leave his father and mother after demanding for his inheritance. He took this inheritance while his father was still ALIVE...imagine! and he went on a spree spending his life on riotous living and one day he finished all he had including his life savings and started to look for a job with the owner of a farm. He got the job and even spent his time struggling with pigs for food... Indeed sin brings struggle. To someone reading this right now, I pray for you that God will bring an end to all your struggles as you return to Him. 

How many people today have to struggle for swine's food when all required of them is to go back home... the hands of JESUS are still open wide forget about your reputation or your position in church as you come back to your father. The prodigal son went home and his father still welcomed him, there will be rejoicing in heaven because of you today.
Its never too late to return back to God and start all over again when you have erred his hands are open to receive you NOW! Also as I celebrate a new year to my life I request your prayers and if you have gifts for me, I won't hesitate to accept.

Finally, his father also knew the true joy that comes with forgiveness, thats what God feels when a sinner returns home, I just pray it wont be too late for you in Jesus Name

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Happy to be alive.

Search your file now for Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey as you read along...
Let me begin this post by saying I appreciate all those who call to share their testimonies with me... Maybe I should dedicate a month to the list of testimonies and if you have not told me yours, please I will like to hear it. I am happy for the healing of God's hand upon my life after spending almost all the second half of last year and early this year shuttling hospitals. GLORY TO GOD ALONE.

With the archeologist eye,I walked through the books of Mathew and found the story of Zach... He was a very little/short man and was also a Tax collector. He heard about the Rabbi i.e Jesus who was coming to town, so he followed the crowd but using his logic and sense of reason, he decided to climb a tree in order to see this rabbi. Of course Jesus was moved by his efforts and spoted him which made Jesus to become a guest at his house.He was of course flabbergasted. The anger of the Jews did not deter Jesus from seeing this man in his home.
   Jesus was indeed a friend of the sinner but remember he is Jesus! and he went there to influence them and not the other way round. May the Lord help us all. 

It is also in your own best interest to forgive. A spirit of unforgiveness complicates and compromises your daily walk with God.Forgiving others releases you from anger and allows you to receive the healing you need. I recently heard a woman lament about how her husband farts and she was deciding to pack out of the house and leave him...and I thought to myself - what makes this woman think the new man you get will not be the farting champion of the town.

From your husband,to your boss, to your friend, co-workers and if you use a public transport, to even the bus conductor EVEN CHURCH PEOPLE You must decide to forgive and free yourself from all hurt. Beware!, dont say I did not warn you o. 
God bless you...

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Who stole my wife?

It's a brand new month people and I say a happy and bless new month to you as you search your file for this song, play and read along -Mercy said no... an old but great song

Abraham went to sojourn in a strange land and his wife got taken/kidnappedby Abimelech. In the actual sense,i won't say she was kidnapped afterall he lied that she was his sister and as the current leader then, Abimelech had the right to have her at that time. What in the world could have made him commit such a blunder as to calling his wife his sister. Was it fear?
 I doubt it, wisdom should have made him know she was more secure as his wife but whatever may be the reason, it was rather dumb. On Valentine's day, the king caught Abraham 'playing' with his wife... The secret was out. ( Don't ask me how I knew it was Valentine's day and remember Valentine's day is only a facade)

Anyways,trouble began in Abimelech's entourage as a result of the presence of Sarah-Abraham's wife who was rightfully/wrongfully taken. May the hand of God rise against those that take what rightfully elongs to you in Jesus name. The hand of God came upon them heavily until Sarah got her release. You can imagine what could have been happening to Abraham as he was without his wife... those of us still solitary may not fully understand the extent of this but those married will get the full understanding. According to my own understanding, maybe...just maybe Abraham decided to go on a fast or something of that nature. 

There should be nothing that should make us tell a lie as it can lead to hell and eternal damnation, avoid all forms of lies. If not for God's intervention, he had already lost his lovely wife but God appeared to the ruler in a dream and warned him which led to the release of Sarah. Halleluyah! My sincere prayer for you today is that you reading this that is having your goods or properties hijacked,stolen or lost, there will be a recovery in Jesus name.
Also, all marriages under a siege, I declare PEACE. For the single reading this today, may the Lord rightly place you in your own family matching you to a right mate in Jesus name.

The contents of this blog are from the Holy Bible and the inspiration of God's Spirit. I will like to hear your testimonies. 234-8067704671,

Na by FORCE to pay offering?

 Search your files now for Let it rain by Micheal Smith and play it as you read along prayerfully.

Adam knew his wife and gave birth to two sons first before Seth  and their names were Cain and Abel. They lived their lives normally just like other youths living in their day but something happened one day.
                Abel decided to make a sacrifice to God and Cain also did the same as a farmer. God reverenced the sacrifice of Abel but He disregarded that of Cain, maybe he did not give his best – have you seen individuals in church search their pockets,bags,purses for the ugliest and torn N50 to drop in the offering box… That’s probably the equivalent of what Cain did. 
God reverenced the sacrifice of Abel and disregarded the sacrifice of cain, this should have provoked him to give better next time. 
Don’t get angry when you notice God begin to bless your neighbor more than you… you don’t know what he did to get that reaction from GOD. Cain on the other hand decided to slay his brother, how many people have you slain because God was blessing him or her.Someone said na by force to pay offering?... And I replied no be by force o but just know someone will collect that money... The doctor, mechanic...etc If you don't want the devourer... pay your tithe and's as simple as that. Mal 3.
                God grew angry with him and cursed him. There should be nothing that should make us decide to slay a man or woman, talk less of your own family member. The sin of murder, where human lives are wasted unnecessarily still goes on in the world today by politicians, ritualists, etc.
 My honest prayer is that we shall not be victims in Jesus name, we will fulfill our destiny, calling and purpose on earth before gracefully departing in the mighty name of Jesus.
                No blood will cry against us from the grave and anyone blood is crying over him or her… maybe done ignorantly or intentionally, may the blood of Jesus speak better things than the blood of Abel in Jesus Name, Amen.

The contents of the blog was gotten from The Holy Bible and can be freely used on any family, ministry or church altar. The blogger can be contacted on and +2348067704671

Its a NEW DAY!

John 8:32 And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Open your file now and play To Worship you I live (Away) by Israel Houghton

This new month, I am selahing on nothing specifically and you can join me .

I find this written on a wall and it is so true and Its by experience. Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow Trouble.

Here we go… as I listen to Turn it Around by Israel Houghton I get this lines of the song.

All things are possible for you

Open the windows of Heaven

Pour out a blessing…

Holy Holy Holy

Lord God Almighty

God in three persons

Blessed trinity

Halleluyah Halleluyah

Ooo… Ooo…

When are we going to realize we children of God that are really spirit filled have the ability in us to create new genres of music that have not been heard of before. Listen to this now as you go through this month. You as a child of God should have the ability to write new songs and be the pace setters in Music and the unbelievers should be the ones to copy from us. You have the spirit of God in you to be the best and SHINE like stars in the sky for JESUS. No shaking.

Somebody know this, you are not forgotten

God knows your name where ever you are, His peace is right there in your house, he Loves you dearly.

Please join me spend the rest of today with a grateful heart…. Remember all God did for you from last year till now…. If you don’t have shoes, thank God that you have legs…. If you don’t have a MECEDES BENZ, thank God for your LEGEDES BENZ…. If you don’t have whatever it is….. THINK of what you have and thank God for it. If you can Just thank Him for WHO HE IS….. and you’ll be just amazed as the power of His salvation will fill your heart….. Sing to Him with a heart of Worship. Glory to God


I see increase, all around me

You can Stretch forth, Break forth

Say this prayer as you go along this first day of the month, Lord Please Release me, enlarge my territory…. Enlarge my coast Now

I know that with you Jesus, All things are possible

My latter will be greater... than my past

As you read this know this I’m still standing o but It’s by the grace of God

And I wonder is it wrong to … Alright please work on the content of your mind

Please read through now, stop running around but look to Jesus. The author and finisher of our faith.

Alright, talking about faith… God is still at work, don’t run ahead of God, you can crash. Let Jesus take the wheels of your life this month of August 2016

You cannot keep a blessed man down, You can’t keep a blessed woman down for too long,  


It’s a new season, it’s a new day. My post looks confusing but just join me at the international youth convention holding from the 2nd to 8th of July.

Venue: Canaanland and those of you in the Land of Nsukka, you can join the Nsukka viewing center.

Don’t miss it as there will be so much for you to gain here.

Fresh Anointing,

Coming your way… today, everyday this month. This month, stop procrastination and do things fast. God bless Nigerian youth, we are rising stars… endtime agent of Change for the world and rescue agents too.

My TESTIMONY song is

I’m delivered, praise the Lord

I’m delivered by His word, once I was bound by the chains of Satan but Now

I am delivered PRAISE the Lord

If you need a release from a cage like situation.

You have been lied against, set up and disgraced by friends, you know that God is always there for you and you will come through with a TESTIMONY. His eyes can see where no man can see.

Send in responses to All phone lines are dead now

I rest my fingers with this song by Lara George on my mind. A new day by Lara George. It’s a new day, forget about your past and move ahead.

Are you a DOMINATOR?

The Truth'll set you free, if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything...Enjoy!

Search your files now for Steve Crown's You are Great and listen as you read along people... You are permitted to take a hot cup of lemon (or ginger) tea as you read, you can also add some biscuit and if you don’t have food, turn it into a fast.

O..K.. Open you bible your bibles to Psm 2: 6-8 and join me as I read. I pray you see your own as you read along.

There is a time to call on God concerning a matter, there is also a time to speak directly in faith to that situation, but there is also a time to speak in faith directly to that situation and it will change.  There is the power of life and death in our tongue. Read Proverbs 18:21 and focus your mind on that particular situation and speak into it with all the energy you can muster as there are some mountains that are just waiting for one last push…

There is one last push that brings life to a baby in the womb, there is one last word that a particular situation you are facing needs. It’s time for God’s people to speak to the mountains of economic challenges, let’s cast out these out of our institutions and systems.


See ehn, there is nothing you are going through now that somebody else did not overcome… so why will you not have a Testimony??Even if you are the first with that situation, God specializes in impossibilities.

Just like Ezekiel, you need to speak before bone will come to bone, flesh will be created, energy will come back to that body, that business, that ‘seemingly’ dead and over situation/condition and SUDDENLY there will be a shaking and life will be restored to you, your business, your career…

Strive for excellence in whatever you do from today onward, even as a cleaner… do it excellently and watch God promote you.

There are some situations that require more than just speaking, there is need to take action… You cannot imagine a jobless man/woman just sitting at home and speaking in tongues and claiming a job without applying for one, without writing the necessary test and going for an interview. If you find yourself in an office doing a work without interview… just know that you are not going to get paid for it.

When Moses began crying out to God about the Red sea and the angrily advancing Egyptian army, God told Moses to stretch out his hand and part the RED SEA. Are you facing  a red sea situation today? Talk to God right there where you are and wait to listen to his instructions and directions, and when He gives you this, please obey.  Speak life to your family, to your children, your husband, your wife, your finances today, do it consistently and watch the terrific changes that begin to occur in that child’s life, watch the changes in your business endeavors. Halleluyah!

Please read on...

Joshua even commanded the sun and moon to stand still and they obeyed him and Israel won the battle. He exercised dominion over what was attempting to prevent them from fulfilling God’s purposes for their lives as a nation. There was a terrible famine In the land and Elijah’s life was been threatened, Elisha arose and prophesied God’s abundance and prosperity over the land. Glory to God.

Nigeria needs some dangerous prophetic declaration right now and even when there is prophetic declarations, some individuals have become so blinded in their poverty mentality…. Get rid of that nonsense and let God release true prosperity into your life. #Selah

You need to get rid of every form of discouragement and depression and stir up the gift of God within you. Remind God of the times He helped you in the past, remind Him and thank Him for His goodness and mercies... He will definitely hear you. He is not a man that He should lie, if He said it... He will definitely do it.

We need to arise, unite and take our place as DOMINATORS, we shall be victorious in this battle in Jesus Name! Jesus is King in the nations of the earth…


2 Chronicles 19 says,   Jehoshaphat went out among the people from Beersheba to the hill country of Ephraim and turned them back to the Lord, the God of their ancestors. He appointed judges in the land, in each of the fortified cities of Judah. 

He told them, “Consider carefully what you do, because you are not judging for mere mortals but for the Lord, who is with you whenever you give a verdict.  Now let the fear of the Lord be on you. Judge carefully, for with the Lord our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery.”

Something is about to happen.... Somebody scream JESUS!!!

Nigeria get ready. Somebody say ‘I am Nigeria’… The change begins with you.


Let us all learn to enjoy our local delicacies around the world as we go along this month, Nigerians celebrate our 'MadeinNigeria' goods and we can then go international...

Forgive me if you are fasting o but the true test of a fast is when you are surrounded by food and you can still go without food. Pastors should please reduce the number of fasting they give church members nau... Learn to have mercy, the word says to the merciful, God will show Himself merciful.


Wonderful people enjoying Nigerian Delicacies

Dr. Joe Odumakin and her guest enjoying Amala...

God is getting ready to restore some things that have been stolen- and your faith, obedience, and getting in alignment is what will activate it. Lord help us to stay sensitive & connected to God.

As I walk through this Nigerian university hostel with cracked walls… I see this written by a student on a paper

Vision without action = Daydreaming and Action without Vision= ....

To all students reading this right now, may the Lord grant you academic success and excellence in Jesus name but it requires action… Read and study your books. Prov. 2: 7 says God has layed up sound wisdom for you.

Ehn Ehn…

To someone reading this now, in that situation that you feel all hope is lost…

God is appearing with supernatural favour. His word says, when the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, they were like them that dreamed. Please don't forget me when you have this breakthrough, I hope to celebrate with you and share in your joy soonest and don't forget to return all the glory to God.

Please let all preacher/ministers of the gospel return to the WORD, prophesies can fail people... but the Word of God stands sure Forever. Open that bible this month of July and digest the book to stay spiritually sound and healthy.


Young people reading this,

I have come to realize that there are areas where practice is required like cooking, praying, evangelizing, marriage and even public speaking... You also require the wisdom of experienced men & women, and don't forget that your mentor is the picture of your future in that aspect... Get their books, videos etc and if you are chanced to meet with them, be happy.

Someone reading this, the giant in you is coming Alive. God has bestowed that grace on you... Please don't disappoint Him.

Michael Jackson was young and began to tell his mum of his nose. There was nothing wrong with his face but his mind.

Ask yourself as you read this, what are you thinking? Some people are just obsessed about their heights, size, complexion… Learn to love yourself. There can be no other you in the whole earth. You are a masterpiece. You are special, even if your shoe is tattered, you are special. Don’t try to be a photocopy Deut 2:8

Say this prayer quietly/sincerely from your heart,

*Lord Jesus help me to utilize every grace and gift you have given to me in Jesus mighty name. Lord turn my weakness to strength and let the world see you in me in Jesus name


*Lord bestow your grace to live in truth on me and I put on your righteousness in Jesus name. Amen.

 After saying this prayer, watch your confessions and if you are like me and have been looking for a contract or a job, say this prayer,

Lord Jesus, I need a great paying job now! in Jesus name. (If you like don’t apply) *Sighs*

O..K.. Please read on…

I was privileged to see a documentary with Lions eating Lions so I take back my word. Lions can eat lions but na dead lion. Lol

Please keep sending in your articles, they are been screened and will soon be published & don't fail to invest in thick sweaters, and umbrellas this raining season. If you are in a hot zone invest in light clothing… If you are in places like Iraq and maybe Afghanistan, please you can come see Nigeria. Nigeria is beautiful and please drop your weapons there before coming.

I also want to hear and even publish your testimonies, send them to  Jesus loves you

You can call in for your blog designs from anywhere. Shalom!

The writer can be contacted on this email- and if anybody dey vex for me, abeg no too vex o to prevent high blood pressure. Cheers!


Search your file now and play ‘Igwe’ by Midnight Crew


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